Based out of Raleigh, NC, Thick Modine continues to broaden on a form of rock and roll that melds the swampy funk and growl of southern rock with the raw truth that is the essence of the blues, as well as a hint of the ragged, seat-of-the-pants spontaneity that defined early punk. 

Born out of bad taste, Van Halen jokes and cover attempts in a barn and pack house in rural North Carolina, Alex Norris and Martin Pitts forged a longstanding musical tragedy. False starts took their toll time and time again, as they toiled for five years, playing a mix of rock, blues and country without an official name. It all came together in 2013 under the name Thick Modine--a roundabout, humorous homage to the music that inspires their Blues-based sound.  After completing the musical alliance with Maverick Raber on bass in 2014, it's all boogie-woogie from here on out.

Vocals, Guitar / Martin Pitts

Drums / Alex Norris

Bass / Maverick Raber