Born out of bad taste, Van Halen jokes, and cover attempts in a barn in rural North Carolina, Alex Norris and Martin Pitts forged a longstanding musical tragedy. 

Alex and Martin met in typical rock n' roll fashion: as classmates in high school. Before long, they started talking about playing music together, initially with Martin on guitar and Alex on vocals. The band was started as an avenue to quell a few song ideas--mostly originals, but a few covers as well. 

Alex got his first drum kit from his brother Jon, who had been in several punk bands and is now the creative hand behind all Thick Modine artwork. Martin started playing guitar around 16, but only with the intention of being a lead guitar player in a band. It wasn't until Alex told him to 'learn a goddamn song!' that there was any potential for writing original songs or covering others.

Alex and Martin played for close to four years in a huge barn called the Packhouse working over songs. False starts took their toll time and time again, as they toiled for five years, playing a mix of rock, blues and country without an official name. It all came together in 2013 under the name Thick Modine--a roundabout, humorous homage to the music that inspires their Blues-based sound.

In 2012, Alex and Martin moved to Raleigh and shortly thereafter began recording, After the 2013 release of the Thick Modine LP, they started playing several local venues in Raleigh as a two piece. After a few gigs, it was evident that bass would be needed to help fully convey the sound they desired and help the band blossom. Shortly thereafter, Maverick Raber joined on bass.

Today, Thick Modine continues to broaden on a form of Southern-tinged, blues driven garage rock that swaggers and sways with swampy funk and the ragged, seat of the pants spontaneity that came to define early punk.







"[Thick Modine] lit up the historic downtown site [of Bernaroo Music Festival] with a blues-drenched take on garage rock that dripped with raw venom and whiskey."

- Todd Wetherington, SouthEast North Carolina Magazine


"Super Premium! is an emotionally fueled record that combines soul, gospel, rock and blues, to name just a few... The songs are not only well written but the delivery is spot on."

- Ted Rogen,


"A powerful three-piece act that produces pummeling jams...and pushes their swampy punk inspired rhythms to motivate fans to stomp and shout along to their infectious melodies and funky yet driven rhythms."

- Terry McElhennon

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